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Versaprofiles Inc. is a spin-off IPL. The management of IPL Extrusion repurchased all assets of this business unit from IPL Inc. in July 2011. The management team includes virtually the same personnel. The owners Stéphane Gonthier and Serge Mercier have served as General Manager and Vice President of Operations of IPL Extrusion for several years. The same applies to engineers, sales and customer service representatives. Product lines remain unchanged, or at most expanded with the latest technical advances. It is therefore a business continuity, but within the newly created corporation.

A promising future: The Versaprofiles leadership and management teams are forward-looking and driven by ambitious goals for growth and development of value-added products in targeted market segments. Our objective is to remain as an industry leader, while continuing to provide our customers with efficient and cost-effective products. We have therefore launched an investment program focused on new technologies for the production of extruded products, allowing us to increase our production capacity and efficiency. Versaprofiles is focusing on increasing investments in research and development, as well as on recruiting and training key technical staff to provide unique pipe and engineered profile designs.

Versaprofiles becomes  the leading Canadian supplier of geothermal loops by serving the Vancouver International Airport  massive facility expansion plan that included the construction of one of the biggest geothermal energy project in Canadian history. 

2017: Change in Versaprofiles ownership. M. Serge Mercier becomes the sole owner and president of Versaprofiles.. The same year, the St-Lazare headquarters added 10 000 square feet of manufacturing space along with a new, 2 stories corporate office building. 

2016: Versaprofiles becomes the proud supplier of Gaz Metro / Energir for all their needs for natural gas distribution polyethylene pipes. Versaprofiles delivers its first major natural gas project , the Bellechasse project. 

2015 : Versaprofiles buys-out all the production assets of "Plastiques Abenaki Inc", . Located in St-Claire of Bellechasse, QC, this company specialises in the extrusion of PVC products such as pipe for central vacuum  systems or road markers.  This addition of a manufacturing facility leads to a significant change for the company, as the St-Lazare plant becomes dedicated to PE pipes for the different market served (maple sap collecting tubing, water, geothermal and natural gas) and the Sainte-Claire plant specialize in industrial profiles, custom molding and pvc pipes.

: Start of activities in the natural gas distribution pipe market.

2012: Innovations in maple sap and geothermal energy markets. Versaprofiles first innovates in the maple sap industry by launching its FUSION technology for wet and dry lines. In geothermal energy, the company also installs coaxial systems with the 4 and 6 inch GEOPERFORMX® pipes.

2011: IPL Extrusion becomes Versaprofiles on July 1, 2011. That same year, the company invests in increasing its production capacity to produce polyethylene pipes up to 8 inches in diameter.

2006: In an effort to innovate and develop new products, the company focuses on four well-defined business segments: proprietary and custom pipes, geothermal systems, maple sap harvesting, and specialized and custom engineered profiles. During this period, IPL extrusion develops two new innovations, i.e. the GEOPERFORMX®, a geothermal pipe with thermally enhanced conductivity, and the RAPITUBE®, a wireless tubing system for maple syrup operations.

1997-1998: IPL Extrusion is growing and the plant expands. These expansions were carried out with the support of the city of Saint-Lazare de Bellechasse and upper management of IPL.

1996: In order to increase production and diversify its products, IPL relocates its extrusion department, formerly located at its headquarters in Saint-Damien-de-Buckland, in the former Plastic SM factory in Saint-Lazare de-Bellechasse. The purchase of new equipment, coupled with the motivation of its staff to develop new products, allows the company to enter new market segments such as automotive, telecommunications, drinking water, geothermal energy, upholstery and transportation.

1991: The maple sap products manufactured by the company using extrusion and injection are now marketed by Les Équipements d’érablière CDL Inc., a company located in Saint-Lazare-de-Bellechasse.

1987: IPL Extrusion starts producing landscape edgings from 100% recycled material. These new products were and still are available to landscapers and some big-box stores.

1966: A breakthrough is achieved when the traditional concept of the sap collection bucket gives way to the sap collection tubing system – the engine of the vacuum system. This innovation allows maple syrup producers to double productivity.

1965: IPL adds a new segment to its activities: extrusion moulding. A banister moulding is the first part manufactured with the extrusion process.

1939: IPL is founded by J. Emile Métivier in St-Damien de Bellechasse in his grandfather’s smithy. The company starts its operations by manufacturing various types of brooms and brushes. Around 1950, it acquires its first injection machine for molding plastic products, including toothbrush handles and cases.

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