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Smart tubing systems

In the late 1960s, IPL, whose origins are rooted in a maple-rich region of Canada, drew on University of Vermont and Laval University studies aimed at improving maple syrup production. The result of this fruitful collaboration was the very first maple sap tubing system. Today, nearly half a billion feet of tubes and tubing later, the IPL Extrusion division, now known as Versaprofiles, bears the same philosophy: make life easier for maple syrup producers.



Whether you are using our 4-SEASON flexible tubing – the absolute standard in the maple sap industry – or our RAPITUBE® wireless installation, everything is designed to save you time!

Once your new installation is completed, your priority is to keep your system in good condition and to maximize production. VERSAPIPE®FUSION is an infallible process that allows you to perfectly weld together wet or dry tubes, thus eliminating leaks. Even RAPITUBE® can be fused this way!

For any price or information request, please contact our distributor, Les Équipements d'érablière CDL. 

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