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High standards. Customized standard piping.

Thanks to its low cost and versatility, polyethylene will gradually replace other materials used for water distribution. All DIPS and IPS pipes and tubes manufactured at Versaprofiles are composed of this increasingly popular thermoplastic. Whether it’s a small project or an entire municipal water distribution network, you can rely on VERSAPIPE®!



Enhance the value of your system while controlling costs with VERSAPIPE® HD high-density polyethylene pipes, VERSABLUE™ submersible pump tubes and our famous low-density (carlon) VERSAPIPE®. Featuring controlled internal (SIDR) or external (SDR) IPS or DIPS diameters, VERSAPIPE® HD can help make your project more cost-effective. Talk to your Versaprofiles representative. You’ll be surprised at how much you can save.



"Zero failure". This is the goal that all Versaprofiles staff strives for each day. That’s why the VERSAPIPE®, VERSAPIPE HD® and VERSABLUE™ product ranges are manufactured in a strictly controlled ISO 9001 certified environment, which has greatly contributed to the success of our water and wastewater pipe products. You can find the pipe that best suits your specific expectations and requirements, delivering consistently on the following features:

  • 100% food grade and non-toxic
  • Custom lengths
  • Flexible
  • Durable
  • Lightweight


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